Michaiah’s stand for Truth

This weekend I was reminded of the story of Michaiah. You might not recall his name, but he was a peculiar prophet in the time of wicked Ahab, king of Israel. His story is only one chapter long in 2 Chronicles 18, but it is timeless to those who stand for truth. During the time … Continued

Value of Life

What is the value of a human life? I’ve been reading about the Terri Schiavo case in Florida. While the facts of the case warrant concern in themselves, the issue most troubling to me is that so many people in our county think so little about human life and its dignity. Various surveys conducted by … Continued

Are dinosaurs really millions of years old?

There are many interesting theories regarding the age of the earth based upon various scientific analyses of the fossil record. Even Christians who believe in the creation account in Genesis can differ as to whether they believe in an “old earth” or a “young earth.” Certainly, the prevailing modern scientific view purports that the fossil … Continued

Read a little

If you haven’t been reading good Christian books lately, you might be surprised by the number of good “light-weight”? reads. These are “light” in the amount of words and pages, but still bear depth and insight. In fact, you might find yourself thinking, “that was the best two hours I’ve invested into my spiritual life … Continued

2005 Shepherd’s Conference in review

Below are summary reports from some ibc men who enjoyed their time at this year’s Shepherd’s Conference: David Yu What I learned from the Shepherd’s Conference 2005: I learned that there is a war on the truth and a war for the truth. I learned that there are spiritual terrorists lurking in the midst of … Continued