Friday’s Prayer

“Penitence” O LORD OF GRACE, I have been hasty and short in prayer, O quicken my conscience to feel this folly, to bewail this ingratitude; My first sin of the day leads into others, and it is just that thou shoudst withdraw thy presence from one who waited carelessly on thee, Keep me at all … Continued

The Valley of Vision

In the coming weeks, we will post Puritan prayers from a compilation known as The Valley of Vision. This collection of Puritan prayers and devotions were “drawn from the largely forgotten deposit of Puritan spiritual exercises, meditations and aspirations.” They illustrate the rich prayer life and meditations that the Puritans practiced. Hopefully, through meditating on … Continued

Book Review of “The Shack” by Tim Challies

A few weeks ago, pastor Nam briefly mentioned a popular book called The Shack by William P. Young, which had since its printing become a hot topic amongst both Christians and non-Christians. It has been on the NY Times Best-Selling list for the past 10 weeks (currently at #17). It has been praised by some to be … Continued