Duties of Parents Part 8 – JC Ryle

VIII. Train them to a habit of faith.I mean by this, you should train them up to believe what you say. You should try to make them feel confidence in your judgment, and respect your opinions, as better than their own. You should accustom them to think that, when you say a thing is bad … Continued

Duties of Parents Part 7 – JC Ryle

VII. Train them to habits of diligence, and regularity about public means of grace.Tell them of the duty and privilege of going to the house of God, and joining in the prayers of the congregation. Tell those who wherever the Lord’s people are gathered together, there the Lord Jesus is present in an especial manner, … Continued

Duties of Parents Part 6 – JC Ryle

VI. Train them to a habit of prayer.Prayer is the very life-breath of true religion. It is one of the first evidences that a man is born again. “Behold,” said the Lord of Saul, in the day he sent Ananias to him, “Behold, he prays” (Acts ix. 11). He had begun to pray, and that … Continued

Duties of Parents Part 5 – JC Ryle

V. Train your child to a knowledge of the Bible. You cannot make your children love the Bible, I allow. None but the Holy Spirit can give us a heart to delight in the Word. But you can make your children acquainted with the Bible; and be sure they cannot be acquainted with that blessed book … Continued