Japan 2011 – Inochi-no-Izumi Update #3

Konbanwa from Nippon IBC!  I’m writing this update from my host family’s living room after helping to put the kids down for the night. The Tanaka family has been so gracious to host me once again even though they have three very young children. When I first visited Inochi-no-Izumi Church three years ago, I developed … Continued

Japan 2011 – Izumi Sano Update #2

Konnichiwa from Japan IBC! It’s just past midnight here in Osaka, and I’m writing from the Hamadera Bible Church office flanked by Soga-Sensei, who’s wrapping up some things for our final Joy-Joy presentation tomorrow, and our fearless Pastor Dave who’s…well…yeah. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship this evening while visiting Goshi, a deacon here … Continued

Japan 2011 – Izumi Sano Update #1

Konnichiwa from Japan, IBC! I’m privileged to be able to write our first update and to report about the great things that the Lord has been doing. We arrived here Saturday afternoon, and were greeted at the airport by Soga-Sensei and Gen, a member at Hamadera Bible Church. On Sunday morning, we were able to … Continued