Conversations About Christianity and Race (Part 1)

Recently on July 31, 2020, our very own Pastors Gary and Nam joined Pastors Bobby Scott and Anthony Kidd from Community of Faith Bible Church, and Pastors Kempiz Hernandez and Tim Carns from Calvary Bible Church, in a roundtable discussion on how to talk calmly and responsibly about race in our churches.

Sit in on this hour-long discussion as they tackle these important questions:

  1. Why should we have conversations about racial reconciliation?
  2. Is it necessary for churches to address racism?
  3. How can churches biblically approach controversial topics like racism?
  4. What are some helpful ways to approach the topic of racism?
  5. How has discussing racism affected your church congregation?
  6. What does it cost a church to have conversations about racism?
  7. What is an accurate definition of “systemic racism”?
  8. How can we guard the unity of the church in the midst of conflicting perspectives?

If you’ve enjoyed this discussion, you’ll be glad to know there will be a Part 2 coming soon!