Ecuador 2009 Update

Pastor David called to say that the Ecuador Team is doing great. Phone and email access are limited however. The team’s handling the elevation well and there have been minimal health issues (just David w/ a headache and other unmentionable symptoms).

They’ve been doing programs for the kids and expect more later in the week. David has preached twice w/ Cesar translating and he’ll be preaching again this Saturday. The team’s Spanish speakers are doing well as translators.

This year, instead of staying in a hotel, they are homestaying with various church families, which has been a great opportunity to get to know the church people, support them and fellowship.

David and Steve had trouble sleeping due to their room being next to the road, but they’ve been using medications to help them the last few nights and have finally been able to sleep. David will meet w/ Pastor Jose later in the week to talk with and support him.

David asks that we pray for their continued physical strength and dependence on the Lord. Pray especially for the kids programs, our support of the local church, the hearts of those they minister to, Pastor Jose and the church. He thanks you for your support and prayers!