Ecuador Update 3

Since the Japan Team updated, I feel the need to do so as well to keep Team Ecuador on top, but because of time, this will be short… 


Birthday Surprise, VBS, and Planting Seeds
The team is doing well.  People are still feeling a little tired or suffering from headaches, but overall, the team is holding up well with lots of laughter and service toward one another. 
For those that didn’t know, it is Marie Cuevas’ birthday.  At the end of VBS today, the children sang happy birthday to their song-hand motions leader (i.e. Marie) and they got a cake and flowers for her.  They did something we need to start in the US. They told her that it was tradition in Ecuador to take a bite from the cake before everyone else and as she was doing so, they lovingly, yet forcefully, pushed her head into the cake. She is now 23 years old, our youngest team member; maybe not in maturity, but at least in age. 
Today was our fourth day of VBS and the children have taken a liking to many of our members and seem to be singing more and listening to the messages more attentively.  As I said in a previous update, many of these chidren do not go to church or have any exposure to the gospel, so it is encouraging to see seeds being planted.  Please continue to pray for their hearts that they may all accept Christ at a young age. 
Now that we have been with them for four days, we recognize most of them and even know their personalities.  We have all worked hard to show them the love of Christ in all that we do, even with the language barrier.  I will try to post more pictures of the children soon, so you can see who we are talking about. 
In addition to the children, there are adults that come along with their kids and they seem to be enjoying the time as well.  We know some of them are members of the church, but there are others that come along with their babies or their younger kids.  This has been another group our team has been trying to reach out to also.  Please pray for those attending who are unchurched and not saved. 
At this very moment, pastors Gary and Dave are teaching an evangelism class to about 6 youths of the church who range in age from highschool to college.  These young people have been so helpful to us during our time here and so affectionate and warm toward us (as evidenced by dunking Marie’s head in a cake).  They are the future of Good Samaritan Church and we hope that you will keep them in your prayers.  Their names are: Paty, Carina, Estaban, Sylvana, Abigail, and Myriam.
We have to go back to the hostel, but we all keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for our team, our host church and of course, the people of Ecuador.
Take care,
p.s. (a note from Mark “Naaacccccchhhhooooo” Choi) We only have one more day of VBS and then spend Saturday and Sunday with Good Samaritan Church before we leave for Quito on Sunday and then back to the US on monday… so please pray for Ecuador.