Japan ’08 Update #3 Pics

Hello again from Japan!  We just finished up our last day of English classes for the Joy-Joy-5-Day Program here at Izumi-Sano Church.  We have only our presentation tomorrow before we move on to Inochi-no-Izumi church to begin teaching Bible and English Classes.  More on this later.  We’re about to eat dinner, but I wanted to make sure to post some pictures because Ray and I finally figured out how to do so…check it out!

First up we have Noah in a box ready to go to Japan!

Next up we have the team outside of Hamadera Bible Church before the first service this past Sunday:

Next up we have a sample of the worship time from the Joy-Joy-5-Day program.  Notice how Gabe (or as the children affectionately call him, “Ga-be-chan”) fits right in!

Lastly, we have a picture of the whole group:

That’s it for now . . . some VERY VERY GOOD NEWS in the next post.

‘Til then,

The Japan Team via Matt Y.