Japan ’08 Update #5

Konnichiwa from Japan everyone! This is Matt again. I apologize for the long hiatus, but we as a group have been pretty busy preparing for our B&E program here at Inochi-no-Izumi church. We actually just wrapped up the last day of our four-day program which consisted of a Bible time taught by Doi-Sensei and an English language class. Fabo and “the Tamster” taught the adult beginner class while Ray and Shelley taught the younger beginner class. Ga-be-chan and I had the pleasure of teaching the intermediate class. I was very surprised at their level of English.

From here we get a few days off to spend time with our host families and with the other church members. Our trip will wrap up next week with a retreat up in the mountains with the Inochi-no-Izumi church members. More to come!

I apologize that we have to write this a bit hastily…more pictures to come!

Ki o tsukette!

~the Japan team via Matt Y.