Japan Missions Team Update #1 – Izumi Sano


Greetings! [Tony Lee writing]

I hope things are well back at home. We miss you guys already! We arrived safely in Osaka after a long day of traveling. Surprisingly the travel went with out a hitch thanks to the first Japan team sending us some pointers to help ease the travel. We were picked up by Soga Sensei from the airport and went straight to Hamadera to help out with their children’s overnight. After some dinner (Curry and meat bun things, oishii desu!) we played some games with the kids and chatted with Kat (english teacher) and Tomoko (member of church who speaks english very well). After a bit of visiting we decided to hit the sack and get some rest for Saturday.

The sleep over is for the children of HBC and is about 8 kids. HBC had their Joy Joy 5 day last week, and they had over 200 kids from the neighborhood come and hear the gospel! It’s so encouraging to hear that kind of news! Praise God! Today is the last day of the sleep over, and we should be done with everything around 4pm. Soga Sensei asked if we wanted to go sightseeing once we were finished so we will get a chance to see some of Osaka and then return to Izumisano tonight.

It’s a bit intimidating here in Japan, landing and being picked up by Soga Sensei and, well, everyone speaking Japanese. We won’t see the Takahashi’s and the Song’s until Sunday so we are kind of on our own ’til then. We are doing are best to not to offend anyone or do anything that is considered crazy (and some of you know how hard that may be for me). The children are super cute and some of them speak english well! We are very excited to work with the kids here in Japan!

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayer. It is such a privilege to be able to encourage the saints and to share God’s love here in Japan! I will try and do my best to keep updating for you all.


Prayer Requests:

  • That we would not be too jet lagged. (I was awake at 3am listening to sermons and playing solitaire)
  • That we would not offend the people here in HBC
  • The heat and humidity is everything that we were told it was going to be and its causing some troubles
  • Pray for Japan team 1 as there are in Inochino Izumi doing the B&E retreat.
  • The ministry here in Japan, HBC and Izumisano, that God’s kingdom would be glorified through this trip!