Japan Missions Team Update #2 – Izumi Sano

[Tony Lee writing] Sorry it took so long to update, but its been pretty busy and pretty hot (which is not really an excuse but its hard to type with sweaty fingers). The last time I updated I mentioned that Laura and myself were at Hamadera and we were helping out with the childrens overnight…

Saturday, we had breakfast at 8:30AM and then the children had a bible study time. The children seemed to enjoy the time and I imagine it’s what IBC childrens classes look like but only in Japanese. After bible time, it was movie time. We watched Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. It was pretty cool. For lunch, the children made taco-yaki, which is a fried octopus ball thing with cheese rice crispies and green onions. I had about a dozen of them… After lunch, Soga-sensei wanted to take us sight seeing in Osaka. We took the train to Osaka Palace (which is an actual palace where there were a lot of wars fought but is now a tourist attraction).
It’s always neat to visit a place that has history that spans longer than a few hundred years. After the palace, we walked through downtown Osaka, which is a crazy experience all in itself. There are so many people walking around and as dumb as it sounds, they are all Japanese! It’s kind of trippy and something that I haven’t really experienced before. After sightseeing, we had dinner and made it to Izumisano Church. This is where Soga-sensei lives and where I will be staying. It’s a three-story building; one floor is the main sanctuary, another is a classroom-type room and the computer room (next to the computer there are posted the pictures of the past IBC teams); and the third floor is where Soga-sensei lives.
Sunday, I got dropped off at the Ikedas’ home (Laura’s homestay/members of Izumisano) where we were going to spend the day before Sunday service (which starts at 3pm). Most of the day we spent in the living room getting to know each other. Apparently, Laura knows a lot more Japanese than she thinks and I just so happen to be very good at charades. It was good having meals with them and watching videos of Mr. Ikedas men’s choir performances. After a couple of meals and time of fellowship with the Ikedas, we went to Izumisano for Sunday service. We arrived early for the Bible study and prayer meeting (before worship service). Shortly after the prayer meeting, the Takahashis and the Songs arrived. We met all the members of the church and worshiped together (they have this cool machine that plays hymns that they hook up to the sound system its like tape player but its called the “hymn machine”). After service, we had a welcoming dinner. It was a good time of getting to know the members of Izumisano and also catrching up with IBC family.
Monday (today), we are going to do most of the preparation for the Joy-Joy 5 day camp which starts tomorrow. This will consist of learning the songs and hand motions for the children and getting things in order for the crafts.
Sorry this update is so long. I’ll try to make them shorter next time!
Prayer Requests:
  • That we would be prepared for Joy-Joy 5 day camp which starts tomorrow 
  • For team unity throughout the trip
  • That more kids would sign up for the Joy-Joy 5 day camp 
  • That we would encourge and serve the saints here in Japan 
  • That God’s love will be displayed to the people of Japan through our interactions 
  • Praise: We are all healthy and from talking to the other team members, we are all adjusted to the time