Japan Short Term Mission 2016 Update 3

(Gabe Oh writing)

We have a great team this year. Everyone is putting others ahead of themselves and it’s really encouraging to see. It makes a huge difference when you know you can depend on your teammates without any hesitation. The Ohs are truly blessed to be on the same side as Connie, Janete, and Sharle.

I believe we are all, for the most part, done with jetlag which is awesome. Penny is doing well and playing nicely with the other kids. Everything is going so smoothly, thank you all for your prayers.


Today’s Bible lesson was on Zacchaeus and his encounter with Jesus. Mrs. Matsuoka taught. Mostly all the kids were sitting in their seats and listening which was great. We then learned and sang a Japanese song about creation.


The craft time today was a design your own keychain activity. This was so cool, I’m sure IBC kids will also be doing it very soon.

We’re now halfway done and it’s sad to think that for some of these kids, it is possible that they will only hear the Gospel two more times in their life. The vast majority of coworkers I had while I worked out here never met a Christian before. I was like an endangered species to them that they’ve only heard of through Wikipedia. Only God can change their hearts. Please continue to pray with us for the kids.