JAPAN STM 2014 Update #2

We had a fun-filled first 2 days of Joyful Kids VBS! We’ve enjoyed getting to know the kids of HCC (as well as some neighborhood kids) and working together with the VBS staff members.

Here is what our daily VBS schedule looks like. After lunch time, the kids get dropped off at church and register for the day. 
We begin first with some introductions and then go straight into the Bible lesson. 
Our IBC team then leads the group in a time of singing “Trust in the Lord.”

Afterwards we break into two groups for a time of English lessons and activities. The younger group is led by Ray and Shelley. 
The older group is led by Wayne and Jennifer.  

The kids come back together to assemble a craft led by Jennifer, followed by a dessert snack. 
Finally, the kids receive their gifts for the day as they depart.
We have meetings each day before and after the Joyful Kids program to prepare and debrief. 
On Tuesday evening, we were able to make a trip to a new Costco which recently opened. Random fact: Did you know that your US Costco card works in Japan? 
On Wednesday evening, our team helped prepare an “American style dinner.” Dessert was prepared by Aoyang.
Our team is continually encouraged by Hatta-Nishi Christ Church in their intentional efforts to further Christ and His Word in the lives of the children at Hatta-Nishi. 
Finally, our very own missionary says “hello.”