JAPAN STM 2014 Update #3

Thanks for your prayers and continued support! We wrapped up day 3 and 4 of Joyful Kids VBS last week and everyone had a great time. Praise God for the opportunity to invest in the lives of these young children.

More Bible lessons…
More singing…
More English games and activities…

More crafts…
And saying goodbye… until Sunday Children’s Service. 
Here’s a picture of the Joyful Kids VBS helpers.
In addition to our VBS program, during Thursday and Friday evenings, our team helped organize some youth group hangouts with the HCC youth. Our hangouts consisted of a time of games followed by some singing and a short devotional. 
After dinner, Ray and Wayne had some time to talk to the guys, while Shelley and Jennifer spent time with the ladies. 
After our youth group evening hangouts, Wayne, Ray, and Aoyang would then go upstairs to the sanctuary to prepare for a special music performance for Sunday morning worship. 
Of course, we were well taken care of by the HCC members with their amazing cooking. Here are some pictures from Thursday night’s dinner. 
On Friday night the HCC members put together… a somen noodle waterslide! I know, seriously… it was crazy. 
AND shaved ice afterwards.
It’s been a blessing to get to know many of the HCC church members and seeing many of them every single day this entire week. As you can tell from the pictures, the days are filled with ministry opportunities from morning until night. We are continuously encouraged by HCC’s heart of service for the Lord and for others as well as their kindness towards our team. 
Here are 2 more pictures of our missionaries. Describes their relationship perfectly.