Japan update #4

Hello y’all. This is Ray. It’s kind of late so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

As for the good news Matt was talking about earlier, there were two boys at JJ5D (Shouta and Ryusei) who responded positively to the gospel during the counseling time. When I say “respond positively” I don’t mean that they became Christians but they did say with sincerity that they want to believe. They are young so it’s hard to say that there was true conversion. However, we are hopeful and the Japanese staff will continue to follow up with them.

Here are some pics of the past few days:

This is Shelley and Ray’s class. We had the youngest kids at JJ5D.

This is Gabe and Matt’s class. They had the intermediate level students.

This is Fabo and Tam’s class. They had the oldest students.

This is Matt giving his testimony during the presentation.

Here are all the kids performing at the end of the presentation.

This is a picture of everyone who was there the last day of JJ5D.

Here is the Noah pic of the day.

Here is Bekah holding a live semi.

This is Nam preaching at Doi Sensei’s church (Inochi no Izumi Christ Church).

Here are Bekah and Chloe making friends with one of the girls at Inochi no Izumi.

This is Pastor Nam sharing his testimony at Inochi no Izumi.

This is Takeda-san translating my message at Izumisano Bible Church.

That’s it for now. Please pray for us as we begin our second week of ministry here in Japan. We will be teaching English classes at Inochi no Izumi. Gabe and Matt will be teaching the intermediate class. Fabian and Tamara will be teaching about 12 adults in their beginning English class. Shelley and I will be teaching four junior high school students. There will be about 5 unbelievers attending, one of them being a Buddhist priest’s wife. Thanks for your continual support. Stay tuned for more of God’s amazing work in Japan…