Leaving self behind

Do you not agree that the world pushes the idea that we must find the man or woman that fits “our” needs or “our” requirements? Yes, finding Mr. Right or The Perfect Woman is deemed essential. So much of marriage and happiness is placed on the fulfillment of personal needs. From a Biblical perspective, there is an ocean’s depth of difference between this view and what truly honors God – servanthood. So what is the correct approach to finding your mate? E-Harmony? Phaw!

Start by asking the right questions: “Am I the sort of man a godly woman would want to marry?” or “What sort of qualities should I be looking for in a wife so that my marriage will be a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church?”. These are unfamiliar questions to many but essential to a Biblical approach of marriage.

Servanthood, deeming another more important than oneself, is a hallmark of Christian marriage. It is the example Christ sets forth. The man should not only be the leader of the home but also the greatest example of a servant – even to the point of laying down his life.

So as you ponder dating, engagement and ultimately marriage “think like a servant, not a consumer.”