The goal of Equip Hour is to train our members to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Christ and to in turn train others.

We offer a total of 6 tracks over 2 years. Classes are generally 12 weeks long with some breaks in between.

Meeting every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m., Equip hour classes topically range from Theology, to Bible Survey, to Christian Essentials to Biblical Counseling. Classes are open to all. Unfortunately no childcare during this time.

Classes Descriptions 

Theology & History (TH) Track:

Systematic Theology

This class is meant to introduce the discipline of Systematic Theology and it’s importance in aiding the growth and maturity of the believer. During the 13-week course, we will survey major theological categories such as the Doctrine of Scripture, the Trinity, Christology, Eschatology, and others. So, whether you’re new to the topic or looking to refresh yourself in it, feel free to join us.

Historical Theology

This is a companion course to Systematic Theology. In this class, we will be surveying the development of doctrine throughout Church History. learning about key theologians and their contributions along the way. What did the early church believe about Scripture, eschatology, the Trinity, and the atonement? We will see how the Church throughout the centuries have contributed to our understanding of these and many other doctrines. We will also see how God has sovereignly preserved the truth of the gospel all throughout these years.

Living as a Church

We will be exploring issues that deal directly with the local church. We will be discussing things such as membership, unity in the body of Christ, fellowship, Church governance/leadership, discipline, and discontentment. Our goal is that your love, appreciation and passion for the local church will grow through this short study.

Christian Essentials (CE) Track:

How to Study the Bible

As Christians we believe all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for making us fully equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16-17). But to unleash all the riches God has for us in His Word, we must learn to rightly handle the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15). This class will train you to properly study and interpret the Bible so you can arrive at a right understanding and application of God’s truth.

Fear of Man

This class will explore what the fear of man looks like, what the fear of God looks like, what it would mean to live a life that fears God more than man, and finally to understand that we need a new vision for life, an understanding of what it means to live a life that is controlled by a desire to love God and love neighbor. All of us have seen the fear of man in our lives, but what do we do to begin addressing it in a Gospel centered fashion? This is what we intend to consider.


Our goal will be to look at what the Bible says about decision-making. Out in the wider Christian world, there are some really unbiblical ideas about how God guides our decisions. And yet the Bible gives us some amazing truth about how God does guide us. Our hope is that this class will provide some practical, Biblical help.

Spiritual Disciplines (Basics of Christian Growth)

This class is about spiritual growth through the basic disciplines of the Christian life. The underlying premise is that all of life is an act of worship. We’ll cover Bible Intake, Prayer, Confession, Fasting, Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship and Spiritual Fruit. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned one, we can all use a little help in growing in God’s grace.

Biblical Counseling (BC) Track:

Biblical Counseling 

The goal of this course is to introduce students to Biblical counseling methods and concepts and to train students how to “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2).” We will learn principles for helping us to hope, change, and grow in Christ.


This class is about suffering. Yes, you will suffer if you take it. But, you will suffer even if you don’t take it. So why not come and learn about God’s purposes for suffering and the Bible’s help for suffering Christians. We’ll cover topics like “The importance of heaven and hell for suffering Christians,” “The empathy of a suffering God,” Struggling for faith in suffering,” “Sharing our burdens,” and “Suffering for the gospel.”

Discipleship 101

The primary commission of the Great Commission to to “make disciples” and that’s what this class is all about. Whether you’re a sunday school teacher, parent or young Christian, we are all called to bring those around us to a greater affection and devotion to Jesus Christ. At its core, discipleship is at the heart of relational Christianity. Please join us as we marry theology with practice in a format that will mix teaching with practical hands on training in discipleship making.

Bible Survey (SV) Track:

Bible OT 1 

“A Devotional Survey of the Old Testament”

Many of us know the Old Testament as a collection of stories, prophecy and book called Numbers, where many Bible Reading plans go to die. Though Christ is clearly visible in the New Testament, the Old Testament sets the context for the Christ who would come. But the Old Testament does more than provide context, it is intensely devotional in its own right.

The purpose of this class is to make the OT more accessible, exciting and worship driven. The hope is to increase the richness of our personal devotions in the OT and to give us the tools to see things they have never seen before. We’ll be tracing main historical events, key individual and major theological themes by going through every book of the Old Testament. In doing so, the hope is not simply increase your knowledge of the Old Testament, but to use that knowledge to magnify your worship of God in private devotion and external action. This is a two part class and this first part will go from Genesis to Psalms.

Bible OT 2

A survey of Old Testaments books of the Bible from 1 Kings to Malachi.

Bible NT 1 

A survey of New Testament books of the Bible. 

Family Matters (FM) Track:

Manhood / Womanhood 

God created men and women in His image equally but that doesn’t assume that there are no differences between men and women and the roles that they are to assume in both the home and the church. We will be discussing what the bible says about those differences and how God created men to assume the role of leadership (i.e. male headship) in the home and church, and for women to assume a complimentary role of submission. We will also be critiquing Egalitarianism, i.e. the attempt to prove from the Bible that men and women are not only equal but their roles in the home and church are indistinguishable from men. We will also show the relationship between Egalitarianism and the acceptance of homosexuality.


“Marriage is an institution best served cold.” – No wait. That’s “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Marriage, in fact, should be a blessing and a joy. But the union of two sinners will still be challenging and difficult at times. This is a basics of marriage class intended to look at the Biblical design and purpose of marriage. We’ll cover a Biblical Theology of Marriage, Joy of Serving, Dealing with Conflict and Communication, Sexual Intimacy, Money, and Children. It may be a great refresher for some and a wonderful introduction for others. Come and join us.


This class is based on the book by Chap Bettis, “The Disciple Making Parent.” We’ll be talking about some of the concepts from the book that focus on how to disciple your children through parenting in every day life. This will NOT be a “how to” of parenting but discussing principles we can use in our families that will help facilitate teaching our children to love and follow the Lord.

Outreach (OU) Track:


Apologetics is the field in biblical studies that relates to defending the Christian faith. Does the Bible have anything to say about this? Many Christians are afraid to engage unbelievers about their faith, intimidated that they don’t have adequate training or don’t have adequate answers, and as a result, end up avoiding these confrontations. In this class, we will discuss how our theology must inform our apologetic methodology and how we are to go about answering objections and positively proclaiming the Christian faith in a biblically faithful way. Understanding this will provide confidence in God and relieve our fear of failure.


The word “evangelism” can evoke both fear and terror as well as guilt and shame for many Christians, but it need not. This class will explore what it means to evangelize, what evangelism is and isn’t, it’s theological underpinnings, practices and tactics, as well as possibly undertake some role play as we teach each other how to better communicate truth.

Christians in the Workplace 

Why do you work? What’s the significance of your work? How do you evangelize properly at work? Does gender impact your workplace, and how should you answer that question as a Christian? Should we have a different perspective toward’s work if we are single/married? These are some of the questions we’ll be covering in this equip class. It is meant to be a very practical time where we can all learn from what Scripture says about the Christian and the work place.