Missions 2006

It is our goal to season the world with the gospel, to make the known and speak the name of Jesus Christ. Our efforts in past years have seen us regularly visit Japan and more recently, the Lummi Native American tribe in Washington state and Ecuardor.

June 17 – July 3
We have an active ministry association with Hamadera Bible Church where we have been involved in a VBS program, Joy Joy 5 days, to help children speak English. It’s been a fantastic ministry and draws children and parents to HBC. This year our Japan team to Hamadera Bible Church will be involved in a college outreach near Osaka, the first ever for IBC. We will be visiting from 3 to 4 universities where we will be involved with afternoon english clubs. We hope to make connections with those who desire to stay later for further English converstation/study. It will be a challenging ministry but our team is prepared and looking forward to it.

July 15 – July 31
We will also be travelling to Ecuador with Chinese Grace Bible Church for a scouting trip. We will see if there is opportunity for our church to begin a ministry there. We’ll be involved in a VBS program and Pastor Gary Takahashi will be conducting some classes for the pastors in the are.

Lummi Nation – Bellingham, Washington
July 15 – July 22
This will be our second trip to the Lummi Nation. Last year we were involved in many projects which included restoring the house of a tribe member, holding a scrapbooking class for some of the tribe elders (very popular) and a short puppet performance for some of the kids (George was fantastic!). The Lummi tribe is quite leary of direct evangelism so the group that we minister with, Missions to the World, has been slow in making in-roads with the tribe. This year, Lord willing, that will change. We are helping with the first ever VBS on the reservation. There are restrictions but we hope and pray it will open doors and hearts to the gospel. We will also continue our work restoring homes and our very popular work with scrapbooking.