Ray and Shelley Kwan

ABWE – Japan
Megumi Bible Church

In July 2014, Ray and Shelley were sent out by IBC to Hatta Nishi Christ Church in Osaka for 5 years of ministry training. As the 5 years of training were coming to a close, pastor Daisuke Okada approached Ray about planting a church in Tokyo. In April 2019, they planted Megumi Bible Church in central Tokyo. In July 2019, Ray and Shelley joined ABWE for support with the church plant. In addition to serving as one of the pastor-elders at Megumi Bible Church, Ray also serves with three other TMS graduates at Japan Bible Academy, a mobile training institute for lay leaders as well as pastors. Ray and Shelley are excited to be a part of multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements in Japan.
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