Resolved 2005

Review by Timon Wang
The Resolved Conference stressed the importance of setting ones life in the direction of heavenly things by resolving to live each day for the glory of Christ, with a view of only that day and the hope of eternity. Each speaker brought you to the foot of the cross, placed their own passion for Christ on display, and challenged you to fulfill the life that God has already equipped you to live. Not only did each speaker challenge us, but they provided practical examples from the life of Jonathan Edwards, a man who decided by the time he was 18 to live each moment for the glory of Christ, the salvation of the lost, and the sanctification of his mind and heart. The theme of the conference was Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions, written when he was 18, which set the course for his life of complete dedication to God. Nine sessions, five speakers, and four days and three nights full of nothing but the word of God taught and fellowship with the saints: this conference gave us a taste of the truth to be found within the simplicity of the cross and the pages of church history. For a conference filled with young people, it was exactly what we needed.

The conference stressed the truths that we as young people often forget. Too often we forget the people who had sacrificed their lives for their love of the scripture and their dedication to its truth. Too often we forget the suffering of Christ in Gethsemane to separate himself from the Father for the forgiveness of our sins. Too often we forget the completeness of Christ’s payment on our behalf, and we seek to earn God’s favor through good works and legalism(explained by C.J. Mahaney as anytime we seek to earn favor with God through our good works). Too often we forsake our conscience by neglecting to feed it with the word of God or by just ignoring it all together. And, too often we forget the urgency with which we should be seeking out the lost, for today may be all they have.

Personally, I would highly recommend this conference to anyone who can make it next year. There is so much to be gained from such passionate teaching and call to daily Christian living. The fellowship was encouraging as well, especially being able to share the impact the teaching was having on our heart in small groups and the times just to goof off and watch George Park play “Moods.” And if you follow Sarah around, you’ll get to take pictures with all the speakers, the worship team, and the event staff. – Timon Wang

For audio files of the Resolved conference can be obtained a Resolved’s website for free

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