Shepherd’s Conference – Day 1

For those of us who are unable to attend the Shepherd’s Conference, we will have one of our very own corresponding from the SC, updating us on the conference–Hans Shin. He will be giving recaps of the day’s events and hopefully give us a taste of what it is like attending this year’s conference.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello IBC family.

This is Hans, checking in from the Shepherds Conference. The following is a recap for Day 1 (I won’t go into too much detail, since I will also be giving a short presentation on Sunday):

Timon and I left this morning and headed out to Grace Community Church/Master’s Seminary. I wasn’t expecting it to rain so I was totally caught off guard by the relatively heavy rainfall. On our way we encountered heavy traffic (although, this was not totally unexpected since traffic in LA County is from 8:00am to 8:00am). Fortunately, we arrived there well before the start of the conference.

After registration, we quickly headed over to the Gym for some breakfast. There, we were able to meet up with the rest of the IBC folks. It was nice to run into some old friends as well, including people from Hope Bible Church and Lighthouse Bible Church.

The first General Session started at 10. John MacArthur went over Genesis 1:1 — 2:3, covering the topic of why every Christian has to be a 6-day creationist. He spoke about the theology of creation and the need to understand it.

Pastor Gary chillin’ before General Session 1

The Master’s Seminary Choir (can you point out Thomas and Andre?)

Matt and Dave taking copious amount of notes

At 11:30, we had some BBQ from Stone Fire Grill with some of the guys. To delay the effects of food coma, we decided to walk around the campus and attempted to browse through the conference book store and gift shop, but the lines were crazy long. Fortunately, our very own Raymond Kim (R2V2) had time to give us a little tour of the seminary library. Check out his executive cubicle below!

Lunch time

Wayne, Timon, Raymond, and Sung getting a good dose of protein.

Here’s Ray studying God’s Word diligently.
After the lunch break, we all went to our respective seminars. Timon and I went to the main sanctuary for Phil Johnson’s seminar, entitled “What is an evangelical?”.

After a “quick” dinner in North Hollywood, we concluded the evening with a general session with John MacArthur. Hopefully some of you were able to make it out tonight for that or were able to watch it online. If not, I hope to see you guys tomorrow or Friday night!

Stay tuned…

Evening General Session