The Gospel

Back in 2008 when I attended the “Together for the Gospel” conference, I came back realizing how little I thought about the power of the Gospel in my sanctification; I had only really regarded it as significant at the moment of justification and not so much thereafter.

If you browse the internet, you may see the issue of the Gospel being the focal point of many blogs and articles, both positive and negative. This is to be expected since the Gospel is a favorite target of unbelievers and liberal theologians and is constantly attacked by these secular elements and likewise defended by the orthodox camp.

But even within our own circles, we may fall prey to a false understanding of the Gospel, replacing it with a form of Moralism. A temptation that often emerges when we assess our own spiritual walk. It can also manifest itself in the way we view and/or practice parenting.

“The theological temptation of moralism is one many Christians and churches find it difficult to resist. The danger is that the church will communicate by both direct and indirect means that what God expects of fallen humanity is moral improvement. In so doing, the church subverts the Gospel and communicates a false gospel to a fallen world.” –Albert Mohler

Take time and read the following articles and renew your understanding of the power and message of the Gospel.