VBS 2014 Day 1

VBS at Immanuel Bible Church kicked off with a youth group tunnel entrance, tribal chants, some familiar songs and the introduction of Nacho: Origins, played by the IBC youth group.  Rather than making us feel like we went back in time, I think at least for me, it made me feel quite a bit older…but that’s for another blog post.  By the time the day was over, most of the youth group (and Wayne) were soaking wet and the kids had learned the lesson of the day, to trust God because he is always with us.  Assisted by a guest appearance of David Yu from Thailand in the role of Malachi, the panicking Israelite (who looked strangely like a ninja, and had a striking resemblance to Nacho), and the Japanese Moses, Gary Takahashi, the story of the Red Sea was told in grand fashion filled with the sound of pounding horse-hoofs, a realistic looking fire, and a Red Sea that sprayed all the travelers.

Our new location in the valley, Faith Bible Church:

Tribe leaders preparing their tribes for the chant-off:

Youth group prepping for the skit:

Grand entrance!


Wayne kicks off VBS with music

Skit time!  Some Oscar-worthy performances…

Games outside, something to do with a cup running over:

Wayne did not escape:

Building sandles, and the telling of how the Israelites had sandals that God allowed not to wear out during their 40 years in the wilderness:

And who can forget the story of Moses…

…and the parting of the Red Sea

…and some shady guy named Malachi

—Much more to come, Day 1 done!