VBS Days 3-5

After an exciting kickoff to VBS week, many thought that the excitement would settle down as the week went on.  Instead, the excitement grew (as did the chants for “Nacho” and the increasing propensity for the skit characters to break into dance).  But it was not all excitement and games as the VBS kids learned important lessons on prayer, learning from the example of Christ, the removal of both physical and spiritual idols, and most importantly, the truth about sin and the gospel.  It’s been a crazy week and all 51 helpers and 49 kids are definitely ready to share what they’ve learned on Sunday!  For now, a few highlights:

The debut of the youth group band!

Group shot with the youth helpers and crew leaders

Crafts: learning to trust God even when we cannot see him, and to have faith

King Josiah: “Destroy all the idols!” Quote of the day: “Only one idol per kid!”

Learning about prayer

Bible review with Sooj!
Musical chairs showdown

 And, of course, the reuniting of Nacho and Super Nam
 The big showdown
Nacho returns to Thailand…for now…
…until next year…that’s all from IBC VBS 2013!