Resolved 2005

Review by Timon WangThe Resolved Conference stressed the importance of setting ones life in the direction of heavenly things by resolving to live each day for the glory of Christ, with a view of only that day and the hope of eternity. Each speaker brought you to the foot of the cross, placed their own … Continued

The Mind in Philippians

We are closing in on the finale of Philippians during our Sunday Morning Services. Our study has unearthed a number of wonderful themes “joy and rejoicing, humility and example, valuing Christ more than life. But there is a particular verb that bears the most use by Paul in this epistle. You might at first think … Continued

Praying Overcomes Anxiety

I recently viewed a list of over 500 phobias. They range from Aerophobia (fear of inhaling bad air) to Xanthophobia (fear of the color yellow). Some of them are quite silly – but the list consists of phobias that have been verified in scientific or medical publications. While we should question the legitimacy of some … Continued

Courage Like Caleb

I want to be like Caleb, the son of Jephunneh. We think of him as the side-kick of Joshua and unintentionally diminish his individual contribution of faith. He was one of the twelve men sent to spy out the promised land of Canaan in Numbers 13. These spies reported seeing a land flowing with milk … Continued