Introduction to the Attributes of God

Introduction to the Attributes of God downloadBy Gary Takahashi Before we begin our study of such an awesome topic as the attributes of God, it is necessary that we make some preliminary remarks. First of all, though we may study all our lives, we can never know all that there is to know concerning God. … Continued

Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold: Discerning Truth in an Age of ErrorBy John MacArthur, general editorReviewed by Gary Takahashi The purpose of the book is stated in the editor’s (John MacArthur) introduction: “This book, then, is a plea for discernment. It is a reminder that God’s truth is a precious commodity that must be handled carefully — not … Continued

Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography

Jonathan Edwards: A New BiographyBy Ian MurrayBook Review by Gary Takahashi Ian Murray is no stranger when it comes to Christian biography. He has written the definitive two volume authorized biography of D. Martin Lloyd Jones (he served as Lloyd Jones’ assistant at Westminster Chapel (1956-59) and at Grace Chapel (1961-69), A. W. Pink, and … Continued