8/9/09 – The Kurayoshi church

This morning we left for Kurayoshi around 5:30 AM. Kurayoshi is a city in Tottori prefecture about 4 hours northwest of Osaka. There is a group of five believers who meet for church in Kurayoshi who have a similar story as Inochi Church. Nine of us (the five IBC team members and four people from … Continued

8/7/09: Japan B&E Days 3 and 4 and Bowling

Hi everyone! It’s Shelley again. Sorry it’s taken so long for us to post. The last few days went by rather quickly, and B&E is now finished. There were 5 unbelievers who attended and we are thankful that they had a chance to hear the gospel from Doi-sensei. Please continue to pray for their salvation, … Continued

Saludos de Ecuador (Greetings from Ecuador)

Dear IBC Church family, “Finally!” is probably what you all are thinking. 😉 Well, unlike the Japan Team who is in technology-ville, we haven’t had a chance to get to an internet cafe until today. So, I have been chosen (self-appointed) to give an update… (wish you were here Mark to do this!) We arrived safely … Continued