New Worship Time – 10:30am

Beginning January 3, 2016, our main worship time is moving to 10:30am. Big news. In addition to the time change we are expanding our adult training for the 9:30am hour and making our Children’s services more streamlined and efficient. 

So going forward, our Sundays will look like this:

Equip Hour: 9:30am10:20am (approx.)

2016 will offer three tracks: Theology & History (TH), Christian Basics (CB), Biblical Counseling (BC). Click here for more info. Note: no childcare

Worship Service: 10:30am-12:00pm

Worship as normal – loud singing, great messages 🙂
 as normal
Jr Praise Club in the Basement Rooms as normal
Children’s Church in the Fellowship Hall – new (dismiss after offering song or earlier)
– Songs, Announcements, Fun stuff similar to Praise Club
– Short message based on current Sunday School curriculum (GoG)
– Breakout to tables by Sunday School for review, crafts, activities.
Youth Group in the Overflow Room (dismiss after offering song) 
– Note: YG will be staying for the entire Worship Service on Communion Sundays.

Lunch: 12:00pm1:00pm (approx.)
Note: Might be a slight delay before the food is served since there is no gap from Worship Service to lunchtime.


While we are proud of the effort of our people to serve and fill in gaps whenever and wherever they may be, we also recognize that Sundays can be more busy than helpful. We hope that by realigning our schedule, we can emphasize what we believe are some of the essential elements of our time together: Training (Equip Hour), Worship (Corporate Worship, Children’s Church, Youth Sunday School), and Fellowship (Lunch).