Women’s Bible Study is a great place to learn, fellowship and pray with the women of Immanuel Bible Church. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month in one of two locations: the Valley or West Los Angeles. A typical bible study evening begins at 7:30pm with light fellowship, followed by a time of worship and message. We conclude by pairing off to discuss the message, share prayer requests, and pray.

When this bible study began, wives of the elders of our church led discussions on various topics. The topics touched upon were applicable to women in all phases of life and heavily Scripture based.

Some of the past topics include:

  • Having a heart of humility
  • Respecting your husband
  • Loving your children
  • Glorifying God in singleness
  • The blessing and privilege of being a worker at home

We also had the opportunity to go over Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur and have hosted guest speakers such as Marlean Felix and Betsy Harris.

Women’s Bible Study is a bible study led by women for women. Come check us out this month. For more information, contact us.