8/5/09 – Day 2 of B&E

It’s getting kind of scary out here with all the sickness going around. One of the members of Inochi No Izumi church  (Mrs. Kojima) has been confirmed to have swine flu. Gabe was staying at her house but he will be staying at the same house as the Kwans tonight. Several other members of the church also have flu-like symptoms. Jennifer and Gabe are both feeling better. Sarah is still under quarantine. The Kwans are holding up for now.

Today we attended a women’s meeting where Shelley shared her testimony and Doi-sensei talked about how suffering is part of our salvation/sanctification. It was similar to what Pastor Gary had been teaching in the salvation class. Afterward we prepared for the second day of B&E, which went smoothly.

Here are some more pics:

The beginner class practiced numbers, dates, and prices
The intermediate class learned dialogs