Children’s Hunger Fund & IBC

Immanuel Bible Church volunteers with the Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) on a monthly basis. CHF is a Christian non-profit organization based in the Los Angeles area whose mission is “to alleviate the suffering of children by equipping God’s church to communicate the gospel through effective compassion ministry” ( CHF garners support in the form of donations and other resources, organizes them internally, and then distributes them to communities in great need, both domestically and abroad. CHF holds the local church in very high regard, and sees it as the primary means through which impoverished communities can be reached with the gospel. Thus, CHF’s primary focus is to come alongside local churches and to equip them with resources and leadership training so that they might be effective in taking not just food and clothing but, most importantly, the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to their local communities.

The primary resource that CHF distributes is the FoodPak, which consists of non-perishable food items and other supplies. On our volunteer dates, IBC Members visit CHF’s warehouse and take part in assembling these FoodPaks that end up in the homes of needy families all over the globe. We at IBC consider it a great privilege to volunteer with CHF and to take part in its worldwide evangelistic effort, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for our next volunteer date.