Missions Time – 2007

The 2007 Missions season is upon us. We are pleased to offer three short term missions trips to our membership. To participate you will need to fill out an application and submit it to Pastor David Yu. Click here.

Japan – July 26 – August 14 – blog
This trip will consist of two ministry opportunities at two different churches in Osaka, Japan. The two churches have an affiliation with Hamadera Bible Church (HBC) which IBC has long had a relationship. The fist week will be at Iszumisano Bible Church, and we’ll be helping with a vacation bible school program for many of the local young children. The second week will be at a relatively new church which HBC is helping out due to recent problems it has had with a church split and lack of a pastor. Our work has yet to be fully flushed out but it will definitely involve helping with the junior and senior high ministry.

Bellingham, Washington – Lummi Indian Nation – July 7-14
This will be IBC’s third year participating in this outreach to the Lummi Indian Nation which is organized by a good evangelical Presbyterian group called Missions To the World (MTW). The work consists primarily of construction work, fixing and repairing the homes of the Lummi people, and has recently expanded to a Vacation Bible Church. It has taken many years (11) to be able to openly preach and teach the gospel and to even hold a VBS program. The Lummi people have been very closed to outsiders, having been historically victimized. However, last year was the first time those in the MTW program could freely share Christ. This year we look forward to caring for all the seeds that were planted last year. The construction work is at times difficult but can be very easily done by anyone. You are typically led by a construction leader with experience and may need to paint, hammer, scrape and demolish. Last year we spiffed up a trailer home, sealing the roof and painting the outside. It’s a good works project and involves many opportunities to share Christ if you look for them. The Lummi nation, like many native tribes, has long fought a trend in its people toward alcohol, drugs and a listless, purposeless lifestyle which is why we wish to bring them the hope of Christ.

Albania – October 18- Nov 3
This will be our first year ministering in Albania. We have recently begun supporting Roger Chen and will be working alongside Roger and Grace Church of Tirana with their English language courses and VBS program.

IBC Mission’s Application Click here.