Newsweek’s “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage”

Some of you may have noticed Newsweek’s cover story, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage” ( on December 6, 2008.

It has has definitely caught the notice of various Christian websites and may have even been a topic of discussion for some of you at work or school.

This may present a wonderful opportunity for us to provide the true Biblical definition of what marriage is and what Scripture says about homosexuality.

Clearly, there are many (including Christians) who are unclear or confused about the definition of marriage, mistaking it to be a social contract between consenting adults, but this is obviously not what Scripture says.

Unfortunately, the arguments that the Newsweek article make will  confuse many about the truth of what Scripture says about the issue of Homosexuality and gay marriage.

Here are a few articles that will provide a good starting point on the issue: