Thailand Post #2

Hello church family!

We are now more than halfway through our time here in Thailand; today marks a full week of ministry with ZOE, and we only have four days left before we head home. Our team is doing well, praise God! Sean made it safely here late Sunday night, and, aside from the requisite mosquito bites, we are all a-okay, health-wise. Our schedule is pretty packed, and I know that many of us are starting to feel the effects of little sleep and long days, so please keep us in your prayers! The morning after our overnight stay in the village, Pastor Dave shared 2 Corinthians 4:16 with us and told us that he could see that our outer man was decaying… All jokes aside, please pray that the Lord would give us the strength and energy to do the work He has for us, and that we would continue to serve joyfully in full dependence on the Lord, knowing that we are being renewed day by day.

Tomorrow brings more ministry opportunities, first at another village where we will be running through our program – songs, crafts, and teaching – and then at the slums where we will split up into groups to go door to door, visiting families and sharing the gospel. Please pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of those we will be ministering to! Though we only have a limited time with these people, would we be able to show them the love of Christ in that time, no matter how short it is.

Thank you for your continued prayers. God has been so good to us!